About Me

” It ain’t about how hard you hit… it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward”. ~ Rocky Balboa

This is a quote that has carried Debbie through many life events. Debbie currently resides In Victoria BC, works for the provincial government and suffers what she refers to as “fitness A.D.D”. Debbie is constantly striving to challenge herself in new ways and crush her limits. She would like to help motivate those around her who are in need of their own changes to stay the course and be successful in their journeys.

To date, Debbie has lost 150 lbs, walked several 5km races, ran a couple of 10km distances and during Thanksgiving weekend of 2014 completed her first half-marathon. She has 2 Tough Mudders under her belt, Mud Mulisha runs, the 2013 Ride to Conquer Cancer and more recently her first amateur boxing win with the Fight 4 the Cause hosted by Studio 4 at the Victoria Conference Centre.

Debbie has accomplished these things despite dealing with an injury that resulted in post-traumatic arthritis in her right ankle. She credits much of her motivation and determination to the support and love from those around her, especially from her children.

**UPDATE** In November of 2015 Debbie was severely injured while cycling home when she hit a pedestrian who stepped out in front of her in the dark wearing nothing reflective.

Her L2, L3, and L4 Left Transverse were all fractured and there was swelling at her L5, S1. Debbie was in the hospital for just shy of 3 weeks. For the first week and a half there was no sensation on the left side of her body.

Many times Debbie questioned if she would be returning home able to walk or if she was looking at the beginning of a much different journey. Slightly before Christmas of 2015 Debbie returned home with the aid of a walker and wheelchair as needed.

Debbie slowly recovered from the accident, gained back the ability to walk and then in March of 2016 had her right ankle fused to deal with disintegration due to the post-traumatic arthritis that existed prior to the accident. She spent the next 6 months recuperating and attempting to return to some day-to-day normalcy.

In the last 3 years Debbie has continued to be as active as possible with ongoing participation in the Ride to Conquer Cancer, hiking when possible and by dropping in on various bootcamps and gyms in town.

Debbie wants nothing more than to continue to inspire, encourage and motivate people ~ to show them that overcoming struggle and adversity is possible.