“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~ C.S. Lewis

The last minutes of 2018 are upon us and with that comes reflection on the year past, renewed hope for the coming year and a desire to start fresh.

Resolutions will be made tonight. Future goals will be laid out like the map of a country. Lists will be written and planning begun.

In the spirit of this I would like to share with you my advice for 2019:

10)  Hand-write more ~ modern technology like cell phones and computers are creating a loss of the intimate brain/hand/eye coordination involved in hand-writing/printing. Even if it is just a love note or a grocery list…write it

9)  Talk more ~ we, as human creatures, are built to communicate. No matter if it is with family, friends, counselors or others; take the time to reach out and talk. This can help stress and depression.

8)  NEVER wait for tomorrow ~ tomorrow is not guaranteed. I know you’ve heard it before but I will continually repeat it as long as I live. Conduct your life-like each moment is the only one you have. Cherish it.

7) Forgive ~  This is a big one and the hardest to practice. It is also the most rewarding. Forgiveness removes emotional burden, renews relationships and help you to move forward.

6) Get outside ~ even if it is just to sit and breathe the air, do it. Touch a tree, climb one if you can, take pictures of waterfalls, lie in deep grass. Our earth is hurting and needs our love and attention. This is the only home we have ~ let’s start treating it with the respect it deserves.

5)  Eat good food ~ nourishment of the soul starts on a cellular level inside and spreads to the outside.

4) Conduct small acts of kindness ALL THE TIME ~ it does not have to be on a grand scale to have a grand effect. Hold open a door, share a seat on a bus or ferry, help someone with their grocery bags if they are struggling or simply acknowledge a person with a nod, smile or hello.

3)  Don’t judge ~ and oldie but a goody – you have NO idea what another human being is experiencing emotionally or physically. No matter how well you know someone it does not mean that you have and understanding of all their thoughts or feelings. Accept people’s differences as it is in these that the beauty of being human is found.

2)  Dream ~ dream BIG, dream small…just dream. Dreams are what lead to inventions, intentions and legends.

1) Love more ~ saved the best for last (in my opinion anyways) ~ YES, love your fellow humans more, love the creatures of our planet more, love our earth more but MOST OF ALL… love yourself more. Celebrate the things that make you unique. Be kind to yourself. Look into the mirror and repeat after me “I LOVE YOU” Remember, a world with YOU in it is a better one!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing my wish for you is a New Year filled with joy, happiness and hope.

See you next year,

Love D.

Last sunrise of 2018 – Photo Credit: Debbie Stirling