Lost Love

“Talk to yourself like you would to someone you love.” ~ Brené Brown

We, as a human race, are in trouble.

We have lost something very vital, very important to our existence in this universe.

We have misplaced what it is to feel true, authentic self-love.

I don’t know how or why or when but somewhere along the way we have forgotten how truly special, extraordinary and unique we all are. To tell another person how much they are loved or valued seems to come easy however when the mirror is facing us we freeze.

How could I love myself when nobody else loves me? How could I love myself when I look this way? How can I love myself after what I have done?

The truth is all healing, all acceptance and all forgiveness begins and ends with love… of ourselves as well as others.

The reason I KNOW this is an epidemic of global proportions is because even I, who encourages self-acceptance and body positivity like there is no tomorrow, temporarily forgot.

The changes I have gone through physically, mentally and emotionally since my accident have been numerous, sometimes unexpected and frequently out of my control. The thing I lost sight of (but have regained!!) is that none of that can ever take away who I am on the inside.

This plague is spreading, faster and farther than we can comprehend. Not just over geographical mileage but over generations. I have been a first-hand witness to the way young people view themselves and it is not healthy.

So how do we fix it? What is the band-aid that we can apply to this wound that will help it start to heal?

  • Change your “inner language”  – grab the small moments daily to remind yourself “I am worthy.”, “I am perfectly me.”, “I am loved.”
  • When you look in the mirror don’t automatically jump to your perceived “flaws” – find something positive in that incredible reflection to focus on
  • Realize that life is short…really, really short and that time spent hating the vessel that carries your beautiful soul is time wasted
  • Watch your outer negative self-talk, especially around young people who absorb the actions and attitudes of influencers around them all the time

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing I hope can begin to be kinder to yourself, to show yourself the love and respect that you deserve and that you can go forward in this world knowing that you are special, unique and amazing in every sense of the word. I wish you the ability to find your lost love…and never let it go.

Love D.