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Breaking Through

We ALL hit walls.  

What walls we encounter look different for everyone from one day to the next, one moment to the next.

I have been struggling for the last week with how to put what is in my head and heart into words. I have had so many thoughts go racing through my mind that move me that it’s like my soul is one large, crowded storage locker.

So I figure, why not write about the wall? Maybe that will help my mental clutter…be a little less cluttered.

Over the last few weeks I’ve experienced loss through death, personal health issues and stress over financial demands. These things have acted like a drain on my energy. I can feel the heaviness and I am now at the point where I can recognize when my body starts to fight back.

I am not alone in this. My social media pages have been filled with friends suffering through their own tribulations from loss of relationships to grieving the death of a loved one to physical injuries and setbacks.

We are all standing in front of our walls. We are looking up and feeling small in comparison to the bricks made of stress, grief and pain. I am not kidding when I say my wall looks like it’s about 650 feet tall at times! It is in times like this that we find out what we are truly capable of achieving.

In all of this there is a choice to be made.

Let that wall stand untouched preventing us from reaching our goals, from overcoming our challenges OR we can fight back with everything we have and break through that wall causing it to crumble piece by piece until it stands no more.

Walls are also twice as quick to succumb to force when it’s a team effort. “Hey, do you want to go kick the crap out of my wall with me?” can easily be code for “Please help me with my kids!” (or find a job, reach a goal, heal a wound or whatever other item you need to insert into that sentence) The other great thing is that walls are temporary. They are built to be scaled, removed or destroyed when no longer necessary or beneficial to your situation.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing I hope you are able to see your wall, stand tall against it and make it fall to the ground!

Love D.



Photo Credit: Armando Tura

Mixed Message

*Warning* There may be an expletive used in the writing of this blog entry as the blog writer is totally pissed off!

This morning as I checked my Twitter account before heading out the door for my run an article link flashed before me and I could not resist opening it up…mostly because the first word that entered my brain when I read the title was “Bullshit”.

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