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Falling Off Doesn’t Mean Failure


I know what you’re thinking and no, I’m not psychic. I have been there before myself. You’ve made it through Christmas relatively in one piece but you have indulged in the homemade baking goodness, the extra rum and eggnog and the tryptophan filled turkey beckoned you back for more than one helping.

Now you’re saying to yourself “Well I’ve already fallen off that proverbial wagon and the damage has been done so what’s the point of trying for the rest of the holidays?”

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Anything is Possible

I opened up my Facebook feed today to find that my incredibly awesome, supportive and wonderful friends are sharing and posting a piece of my journey and evidence of how far I’ve come.

In 2012, after taking part in the Times Colonist Health Challenge for the 2nd time, I was interviewed because someone had caught wind of my story around weight loss and what my turning point was. (I am inserting the article link at the end of this post)

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Digging Deep

Maybe it’s the fact that I just finished watching 6 amazing boxing/kickboxing matches at Quest for the Title 8, maybe it’s the fact that I’m running through a mental checklist of the new goals I want to set for myself or maybe it’s because I’m excited about the new year of crushing limits that lays ahead…but I can’t sleep.

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