Digging Deep

Maybe it’s the fact that I just finished watching 6 amazing boxing/kickboxing matches at Quest for the Title 8, maybe it’s the fact that I’m running through a mental checklist of the new goals I want to set for myself or maybe it’s because I’m excited about the new year of crushing limits that lays ahead…but I can’t sleep.

What does a person who loves to communicate her thoughts to people willing to listen do when she is unable to get shut-eye? She turns to the thing she loves doing best these days – sharing. She shares her dreams, hopes, visions and intentions.

Watching the fighters tonight made me hungry for more. My time in the ring is not done, that is a fact one way or another. It is simply a matter of time and training.

Aside from the boxing there are several challenges I am going to issue myself in 2015 and I am going to take you all along with me. I do this to inspire you to set goals and challenges for yourself. I do this to motivate you or someone you know to make a change, try something new and step out of the comfort zone. I do this to show you all that it can be done, so that the doubt you have in your ability to achieve your own dreams disappears like dust in the wind.

Accomplishing the things I am setting out to do in the next year is going to mean digging deep, really deep, deeper than I EVER have before. Am I nervous? Yes. Does being nervous motivate me? Yes. Am I going to crush my self-perceived barriers? YES!!!!

I hope wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you can see that you are full of unlimited potential. It’s just a question of how deep you’re willing to dig.

Love D.

Medal Moment


Credit the medal moment photo to Christina Libera @ victoria.snapd.com