The Real Prescription

After witnessing the constant deluge of advertisements claiming that there is a breakthrough “miracle skinny pill” now available, I feel it is important to put my two cents worth in.

Are you ready for this? There is NO SUCH THING as a miracle pill!!

The prescription to weight loss is simple. Take a large dose of exercise, a healthy spoonful of eating clean and nutritious food and mix it with some motivation and willpower and you have the recipe to being successful with your goals.

The reason I am so confident when I tell you this is because I have been there. I was the one who fell for the claims that the answers to frustrations over my weight, to my lack of energy, to my lack of self-esteem were contained in that perfect capsule of mystery ingredients.

I bought into the idea of quick fixes because the goals that I wanted to reach seemed so far away and unattainable. I remember that even thinking about how much weight I had to lose ultimately resulted in me becoming tired and unmotivated before I really even started.

The first time I tried a diet based on pills was when I was 16. Instead of seeing the fit, active, driven young woman I was I saw myself through a lens that other people had provided for me. I saw myself as the one the “popular kids” called fat, not as the strong competitive swimmer I was. I saw myself as the one who as a young child had her waist measured every day for a period of time because I was “becoming chubby”, not as the girl who could keep up with any boy her age on a mountain bike.

Those pills didn’t hold the answer for me. They didn’t do anything except help me stay unaware of the real issues and avoiding the real solutions. They gave me a false illusion that I was actually doing something about my situation.

The reality is there are no quick fixes. There is hard work. There is getting up early to make bootcamp when you want to sleep longer, making better food choices and setting goals that will keep you on track and in the direction you want to go in.

The real answer to changing your body isn’t held in a pill – it is in you. Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing I hope that you’re finding your answers.

Love D.