Here’s Looking at You!!

“I can’t go workout in a gym. Everyone there is going to stare at me. All those fit people are going to make fun of me.”

I am guilty of not only thinking that but having those words come out of my mouth and worse yet believing in them.

When I first started working towards my weight loss goals I would walk every single night without fail. I did it in the dark because I was too embarrassed to do it in the daylight in my workout clothes and risk passing motorists seeing me. I just knew that they would be looking at me wondering why I was out there and that they would be judging me.

When I walked into my first bootcamp I thought my heart would implode it was beating so fast. I felt that my experience there would be exactly like grade school where I was picked last for a team. It was my sincere belief that nobody would talk to me and nobody would want to partner up.

I had worn my fat for so long as a protection from people around me that it had begun to blind me to them as well. I could not have been more wrong about things if I’d tried.

Let me lay out some straight up facts for  you. Chances are nobody is staring at you when you workout in a gym because other people are too busy doing at least one, if not all, of the following:

  • watching their form while exercising to make sure it’s correct
  • wiping sweat from their eyes that is blinding them anyways
  • worrying that other people are staring at THEM

If you ever do catch someone looking in your direction it is likely that they are thinking you’re doing the same exercise better than them or they have zoned out on their workout jam and happened to glance at you when you caught them.

Sure, there will be  those random people who make fun but it’s usually not out in the open and they’re usually doing it because they’re extremely insecure about themselves and not sure what to do about it.

Why does it really matter anyways? Why should what other people think or feel stop you from doing something you like or that brings positive into your life? Isn’t what really matters here the fact that you’re working out, sweating, burning calories, making every cell in your body healthier with every burpee you pull off?

Instead of worrying about people watching you take a moment and look at yourself. I mean really look. What you’re going to see is someone who people will admire and look up to because you ARE doing it. You’re there when so many stay at home.

I’m glad to report that my experience with bootcamp was amazing and everyone supported my efforts from day one – and the walking at night? Well, that’s no longer an issue. Let them see me because maybe it will inspire them to get out and do it too.

I hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you get a chance to take a long look at yourself – because what I see is pretty amazing!

Love D.