I was going to post a blog about fitness today but now I’m not going to.

As I am sitting here typing this I honestly don’t even know what to call what I’m writing so it will be something that I will wait to figure out at the end.

I try to write each and every post from my heart or if you will from the core of my being. I write as if I was talking to each and every one of you. I utterly love sharing my thoughts and feelings with anyone who wants to read about them. It makes my day knowing that someone out there will take something from what I have said and that it will impact them in a good, positive way.

What I wanted to share with you all are the thoughts and feelings I just had running through me during my walk at lunch. I make a very concerted effort to go outside at almost every break because when I come back in to my office with neon lighting and windows that don’t open it doesn’t seem to matter as much because I feel refreshed.

I usually walk while listening to some of my favorite music and I’m aware of things going on around me but I never really notice because I’m usually too wrapped up in my thoughts or in whatever task or errand I’m trying to complete while on limited time.

Today for whatever reason I really, really noticed everything. It may have been the perfect combination of music that really connected with my soul (thank you DJ Hennessy), the sunshine on my face, the feeling of spring in the air but whatever it was it made me slow down. It made me almost stop in my tracks and really see the beauty that was around me.

We are surrounded by incredible moments, people and things every day and sadly we are so caught up in the troubles, chores or stresses that dominate our lives that we miss them.

I’m not saying that we can avoid these things but we all need to take a moment put down that phone, stop hurrying, look up and around when we’re walking and really notice each other because while the things that we “have” to do will always be there the chance to experience the unexpected and the unscheduled won’t be.

My amazing nibling (Wiktionary definition: A nephew or niece, especially in the plural or as a gender-neutral term) and her girlfriend are staying with me for a few days and they went to the effort of making food last night. They left me the most uplifting and awesome note saying they would clean the rest of the kitchen in the morning. I left them a note back telling them I loved them, thanking them and then telling them that the mess will always be there but the chance to live won’t be and not to worry about it. I hope they heed my words.

I just figured out the title to this post. It’s in tribute to DJ Hennessy and his authentic, musical soul but it’s also very much descriptive of how I’m feeling at this moment in time.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing I hope with my entire heart that you’re able to put aside your worries for even a little, that you’re able to put down that dish you’re washing and that you’re able to just be.

Have an amazing day!

Love D.


Photo Credit: Armando Tura