Guns Blazing

The day is here. I’m unable to sleep right now. I’ve been trying but it seems that the butterflies in my stomach and the waves of nerves and excitement have different ideas.

Before I try to sleep again I wanted to put a few words out there into the cyber world as I know I might not be in any shape to do that for a day or so (I am stubborn that way so we’ll see). 

As I think about all the things that are about to change with my body I can’t help but reflect on where I came from. The truth is that woman who wrapped herself up in layers of fat to protect herself from the negative people and emotions in her life will always be with me in a small way, DEEP inside.

I truly believe that although she is no longer on the surface she still serves a purpose within me. She drives me. She motivates me to never stop changing, challenging and overcoming. I never want to see her face to face again but she still played a role in who I am now so that can’t be entirely bad.

This leads me to sharing with you the plans that I have in store for this spring. After the important and critical work of healing from this operation I am going to be training to take part in the Keane Classic in Fort McMurray April 4th, 2015. This is a stage fitness competition that happens to feature a transformation category.

To be quite honest the idea of doing this scares me more than getting punched in the face did. In particular I am nervous about the amount of work I will have to put in following the delay from the surgery. However I am nothing if not determined.

The amount of support and encouragement that I have received after deciding to take part in this has been unreal. I am motivated by the fact that so many people I know would believe in my capability to do this.

I do not jest when I say this is going to involve blood, sweat and tears. Okay, maybe I am embellishing a little when it comes to the blood but most definitely there will be crying and sweat. Lots and lots of sweat.

I am going to come out with my guns blazing on this one. I know that some of you might be asking yourselves why I would consider putting myself out there like this. The answer to this is simple. Aside from loving the challenge of it I do it in the hopes that more and more people out there who are starting their own journey, who are struggling with maintaining their direction or who are wondering what to do next with their own goal setting will see me and be inspired and motivated to keep fighting, to keep moving and to be their own biggest champion.

The time has now come for me to try to get a few more hours of sleep before I start what will be a stepping stone in my ongoing journey.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing I hope that you’re  not only thinking about what you want to do next but that you’re getting out there and doing it.

Love D.


Credit Photo: Armando Tura