Picture Pretty

I am going to be kicking myself in my wellness, self-love, inspiration, motivation butt today.

I had a moment earlier this morning and it got me thinking about what’s REALLY important.

After logging onto Facebook this morning I came across a picture that a good friend had taken of me at a recent Ride to Conquer Cancer fundraiser. She took this picture because she had pride in what our team is doing and because she has an incredible talent for taking beautiful, emotion filled pictures.

This is going to be difficult but I am going to be extremely open here. The first thoughts out of my mind weren’t positive. I looked at the picture and the first thing I started doing was ripping apart any perceived flaws I could see with my body, instead of seeing the vibrant, happy, outgoing woman I am.

I know I have had this conversation before about one of my biking pictures this summer however it is amazing how quickly you forget the positive when the negative self-image has been part of you for so long.

Pictures are supposed to be a way to capture memories, a way to record special moments, a way to honor our existence in this life. They are not meant to be tools to criticize our weight, the color of our hair, or how far apart our eyes are. It is sad that because of media culture on large we have had it drilled into us that we’re suppose to look a certain way or be a certain way. I am tired of this and I don’t want to ever open another picture of myself and feel that way. That is the choice I am making and the message that I want to send out to other people and especially to the next generation so that they can grow up accepting and loving themselves.

I am a strong, healthy, empowered woman who is incredibly happy with the journey I am on and challenges and goals I am setting for myself. I love the warmth of my smile, the twinkle in my eyes and the sound of soul that come through in my laughter. I wish for all of you the ability to really see the beauty in your pictures. To know how truly unique and amazing you all are. 

Love D.

Deb Beautiful

Photo credit to Daniela Srdic