The Power of One

“It only takes one person to change your life: You” ~ Ruth Casey

Here we are in the final hours of 2015. To say that this has been an eventful year would be somewhat of an understatement.

The past 12 months have been about transformation, emotional growth, loss, learning, gains, challenge and change.

As I look down the path that lies ahead for me in 2016 I can envision triumph, evolution of the physical and the spiritual, goal setting and goal CRUSHING!

Many people have stated in the last while that they don’t know how I manage to keep such a positive frame of mind given the circumstances I have recently been faced with.

My question is how could I not be positive? Despite the things that have happened as of late there is so much to be grateful for, so much to fight for and so much that is still possible. Life is too precious and fleeting to not embrace it with as much love and light as I can.

The emotional and physical support that I have been given, the comments of love and encouragement that I have received and the unwavering belief that friends, family and acquaintances have had in me has simply fueled my desire to come back better and stronger. It has also served as a clear indication of the direction I want my life to take.

One of the biggest lessons I can share with you that I have derived from my recent experience is to believe in the Power of One. This is a very basic concept that can help you through any challenge you may face, any perceived obstacle you might encounter.

It is about taking that first step literally or figuratively, changing that one thing about your life that you don’t like, having that one dream and just going for it.

The power to do all of these things is not something that can be taught or bought. Instead it begins and ends in only one place and that is in YOU. The power of one is about loving yourself, accepting yourself, believing in yourself.

It is about recognizing that it only takes the power of ONE to change, inspire, create, motivate and love.

Tonight it is not about the practical advice that I have to give or the tips and tricks that I want to share. It is instead about the message that sometimes the most obvious solution to any problem is found within.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing it is my hope that you enter into 2016 with the following thoughts ~

  • When you fall (and you will fall) get back up ~ you are worth the fight
  • When you are faced with doubt, trust your instinct as it will serve you well
  • Be kind to your body as you only have one to get you through this life
  • Show each other kindness and respect nothing less
  • Make goals that challenge you and force you out of your comfort zone ON PURPOSE
  • NEVER hesitate to try something new
  • Embrace change

To all of you I wish you a happy, fulfilling and incredible New Year!

Love D.