I was browsing the internet this morning looking for an amazing eye-catching quote on being ENOUGH

I felt that I needed an introduction that would draw attention as it has been so long since I left my mark on this blog. Then I had one of those “Oh CRAP!” moments and realized that all I was doing was hiding behind the ‘accessories’ to my blog – the frill if you will – to my actual message.

Why?  Because I feel like I let you all down.

I forgot to remind myself of one of the most important messages that I have tried to spread to people everywhere. I forgot –  that I was good enough.

Events of the last few months have left me feeling drained on almost every level to the point where focusing on writing anything I felt to be meaningful seemed impossible. The best I could do with my energy was concentrate on healing my body,  concentrate on family matters and concentrate on not losing my EVER-LOVING MIND due to stress.

The truth is the challenges I am facing are far from over and in fact this is me, right now, in crisis mode trying to just simply survive the next while. Regardless of the struggles that lay ahead and despite feeling this way there are certain things of which I am now sure:

  • I have NOT exercised this week and chosen instead to tune out to great shows and movies….and on those days I was still enough
  • I ate chocolate 2 nights in a row and enjoyed it…..and in those moments of sheer chocolate delight I was enough
  • I have cried almost every day this week and it felt good to release….and even wearing those tears stained on my cheeks I am enough
  • I am openly admitting that I am scared to face these struggles even though I know I will head on….and even in those moments of fear and doubt I am enough

I am constantly witness to people being hard on themselves because they feel they don’t measure up to this invisible, made-up standard that advertising in particular has imposed on all of us.

If you don’t drive the right car, wear the right clothes, own the right house, get married before having kids, workout until you have the “perfect” body, earn enough money – somehow not doing or having all of this detracts from how much value and worth you bring to this world as a human being.


The reality of life is that we are all enoughexactly as we are. We are beauty wrapped up in Finding Nemo pyjama pants and a coffee stained shirt on a Sunday morning. We are strength contained in a single parent going to court to fight for the rights of their child. We are rich in our ability spread positivity and kindness. We are perfection in a curvy bikini-clad 300 lb body that has survived childbirth, physical injury and emotional and sexual abuse. We are the raw authenticity displayed in the tears of a man begging for forgiveness.

Nothing in life is perfect as life was not designed to be that way. It is meant to be this beautiful and breath-taking journey of ups and downs and everything in-between…and that is enough.

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing I want you to stop and repeat after me (yell it if you want to)….


Love D.

Photo Credit: Dan Clayton