The beauty of writing a blog is that you can change at the last-minute what you choose to write about…which is EXACTLY what I am doing right now.  After all, when inspiration strikes me I have to run with it.

Today I had the honor of volunteering with the Mud Mulisha family once again. For those of you not familiar they are a team who put together the most WICKED Obstacle Course Races (OCR) on Vancouver Island.

Normally I would run the race as well as volunteering but as many of you know I am boxing in my first amateur boxing match on May 30th. Rather than risk injury this close to the event I am attempting to be smart ~ as difficult as that can be. Nothing however would stop me from being on that course in a support capacity.

I love doing this! I love being out there and seeing all the different people passing through. Every conceivable fitness level coming together to get it done.

I happened to be stationed at the 8-foot-walls today and you can believe that I didn’t let up when it came to the racers making it over those walls and avoiding the torture that I would have inflicted upon them ~ Burpee Style!

In the middle of everything it dawned on me. Those 8-foot-walls are the perfect epitome of overcoming struggles in life.

There were so many people coming up to those walls, looking up at them and saying they couldn’t do it. I call bullshit!

Think of all the different ‘walls’ we have all overcome. For some of us they have come in the form of negative relationships that needed to end, for others physical limitations have created perceived ‘barriers’ while for many it has simply been feelings of self-doubt that have stood in their way.

Those two walls ~ they reflect what you’ve done up to that point and where you choose to go from here. There are helping hands of teammates, friends, family and strangers ready to help lift you on one side and to assist you in landing gently on the other. All you have to do is ask and what you need is there.

I am so proud of what I witnessed today. I am overcome with a feeling of promise when I see so many individuals conquer fear, doubt and their own ghosts. I can’t wait for the next Mud Mulisha Run where I can not only volunteer to be that person who cheers you all on but where I can run beside you as well.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing I hope you’re finding those 8-foot-walls and climbing them, owning them and conquering them. Those walls are nothing ~ look at how far you’ve already come!

Love D.

8 foot