Motivational Monday

I have fallen ~ but I have gotten up.

I have made mistakes ~ but I have attempted to correct them. 

I have needed help ~ I have learned to ask for it.

I have been shoved down ~ not anymore, never again.

I have been dying ~ now I live with every fiber of my being.

I have been loved and supported ~ I am loving and supporting back.

I have been listened to ~ I am listening too.

I am a champion ~ not one found in fame or fortune but one that will be a champion for YOU, for your dreams, for the changes you want to make. I will inspire, motivate, encourage and celebrate.

It does not matter the day of the week, what the weather is, what time of the day it is or what your final ‘goal’ is ~ do it. Don’t wait or hesitate for that day to come, that moment to appear or the weather to get better. Make the changes you envision for yourself now because right now is the only thing that is truly guaranteed.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing I hope you’re finding your MOTIVATION in this marvelous MONDAY!

Love D.


Photo Credit: Armando Tura