Change of Resistance


You can choose to let it paralyze you, resist against it with all your will, avoid it or you can instead welcome it, embrace it and let it propel your life forward in amazing and positive ways.

I have been resisting change in a few areas of my life because of doubt, insecurity and a lack of belief in my abilities to not only cope with that change but to mold it into something that I envision in my head and in my heart.

Well I resist no more. Instead I choose to allow my path to take an unchartered course. I look ahead at the future with hopeful expectation and confidence.

In the name of acting on my words, I submit to you all and to the universe my resume:

Name:                                     Debbie Lynne Stirling

Current Occupation:       Records Clerk

Employment Objective

To continue to inspire, motivate and encourage change through written word, through public speaking and through current and future goal setting…and crushing!

To be able to secure employment that will permit the time to achieve the above and maintain the ability to provide for my son in a healthy and secure way.

To be able to share my experience and my knowledge in a way that is accessible and affordable to everyone as everyone deserves to be as happy and healthy as possible.



Racing heart rate,  pre-diabetic medication, sleep disturbances, self-doubt, self-loathing, breaking chairs


Excessive perspiration due to prolonged physical excursion, uncontrollable desire to move, an ability to push myself out of my comfort zone, no diabetes, no sleep issues, loving myself, loving life

Skills and Abilities







Hobbies and Interests


Blogging, Boxing, Obstacle Course Racing, Triathlons, Ride to Conquer Cancer


Power-lifting, Kettlebell Competition, MOMAR (Mind Over Mountain Adventure Race), Etc., Etc., Etc.


All of you

It has become abundantly clear to me over the last few months that I have found my life’s passion, my calling, my home in the ability to share my knowledge and give my support. I have found that I enjoy watching other people achieve their goals just as much as I love accomplishing mine.

Nothing would give me greater joy than to find a way to do this full-time. So, I put this out there and I fully surrender to the process. I will put in any sweat equity required and of course enjoy it the whole time!

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing I hope that you can find within you the ability to embrace change and not run from it. That you can surrender to whatever you have to do to make your goals and dreams come true.  That you know that impossible actually stands for I’M POSSIBLE!!

Love D.


Photo Credit: Olivia Keane