Gratitude, Grit and Gains

I got punched in the face.

What did I feel? Gratitude.

I get through a workout or a physical challenge.

How? Grit.

I continuously set goals that seem daunting and near to impossible to achieve to some.

Why? Gains.

For some of you shaking your heads in disbelief and confusion over this let me break it down.

The gratitude comes from the privilege of being part of the goals and journey set by my opponent across from me in that ring. The woman who I fought last weekend brought it. I won’t say I lost to her because I choose to believe that there are no losers in this sport. I think it takes guts and bravery just to climb through those ropes and put yourself in a position where some kind of physical injury is not only likely but almost guaranteed.

Instead I call it learning. I learned that night what to do differently, what to do better, what I was capable of and how very much I want to do it again. That tells me this is not just a passing fancy but something I want to dedicate part of my life to.

That is where the grit comes in. For all of these things that I do, the goals I  want to accomplish there is no end to the hard work involved in the gym, the kitchen, the heart and in the mind. I have wasted no time in getting back in the “game” working on getting back to basics with my coach in order to be better, faster, stronger.

My ankle forces me to think outside the box and get creative when finding a stance that works or when doing chest flies on a Bosu and having to prop a kettlebell under the front so that it’s not wobbling in a direction that could be detrimental – only side to side. With all of this there is a required mental grit, a putting down the head and pushing with all your will to make it up that hill attitude. I CAN do this, I WILL do this, there is no such thing as can’t only HOW?

Now the best part. The gains. No I’m not talking money or material goods ~ although I have to say I kind of like medals and ribbons! The gains are the longer life I’m going to lead because my heart is no longer trying to pound through my chest from bending over to do up my shoes.

They are found in the positive example for my kids which I hope is teaching them to know that everything is possible and that limits are  what you make of them. Gains are present in every amazing person coming into my life, the people teaching me, supporting me, encouraging me. I truly believe because these people are in my ‘corner’ I am capable of pushing my own boundaries and that NOTHING will stop me from trying anything new, doing things without hesitation and achieving my dreams.

One of the biggest gains for me is the opportunity to do this. To share my thoughts, feelings, emotions and desires with all of you in the hopes of inspiring, motivating and changing the path that someone else is on.

As you can see the gains are by far the most important reason I continue to do this. It is why I am resolved that this is the life I will lead for as long as I continue to draw breath.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing I wish you all the chance to feel gratitude for something daily, the ability to dig deep and draw on your grit to fuel something exceptional for yourself and the blessings from the gains in your life wherever you find them.

Love D.

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Photo Credit: Lee Milliken