Crushing Your Limits

I have no words. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true but emotionally over the last few days that is exactly how I feel. This is what has taken me so long to put together this post.

There are no words to describe the feeling of crushing your fears and at the same time crushing preconceived limits. There are no words to describe going through 8 weeks of physical and mental exhaustion with such incredible, amazing and supportive people. There are no words to describe how much my heart is swelling due to the outpouring of love, encouragement and faith people have shown me in person and through here. There are no words to describe how incredibly grateful, blessed and in awe I am of this entire life event. There are no words to describe the respect I have for my new found friends, my fellow Fight 4 The Cause – Charity Boxing Classic contenders, my sponsor, my walkout team, my amazing family which is ever expanding and my son and stepson who were there by my side for this. I have no words…

I would love to respond individually to each comment on my FB page, but I don’t know if it will be possible. Please know that each one of them I have read, cried over, felt inspired by and I have tried to ‘like’ them all, although sadly that doesn’t seem to do any of them justice (I wish FB would come out with a love button alright already). I hope to put out as many pics and as much video as I can for those of you who missed it and will try to do it soon.

There are so many people I want to thank my brain actually hurts trying to think of them all. I will, for this name a few but please, please be aware that even if I don’t get to you here I will express my gratitude in some way, shape or form. Thanks to my incredible coaches Hal Kreisel and Aaron Varga. Your support during the process and that night was immeasurable. Thanks to my sponsor Scott Bowlware from All In Services who helped make this happen. Thanks to Olivia, Julie, Naomi and Warren who put tons of effort into my walk out (I wish I could remember more LOL), Michael for building a kickass chair and everyone who participated. Thank you to the incredible team who put together this event, Darcy, Kevin and Emily. I hope you guys can all take a collective breath now. I could go on forever, but for you Doug E Bear, I’m going to end it with thank you to Logan for being part of the night and part of my life, Erin for suggesting such a great walkout song and for being an amazing daughter and Brody for believing in me every day and every step of the way and just being an awesome kid.

Before closing this post off and trying to tag as many people as humanly possible I want to put this out there to all of you…CRUSH your limits! It doesn’t matter what those “limits” look like – it could be anything from returning to school to changing jobs to saying yes to a new love to taking on a physical feat you didn’t think possible. DO IT, CRUSH IT, LIVE IT and BE IT! You will not regret that moment that your hard work pays off because no matter how it ends, hard work always does pay off and will continue to reward you in ways you never imagined.

I hope all of you are safe, sound and doing well no matter where you are. Hmmm, I guess I did find the words after all?

Love D.