Letter to the Girl on the Sidewalk

I walked by you today. I looked at you and saw I young woman sitting on the sidewalk in the rain. You weren’t wearing enough and the mother in me wanted to grab a big blanket or jacket to keep you warm. You had a hat out and It was obviously waiting for the precious sound of falling change.

I wanted to stop, but not to give you money. I wanted to stop, kneel down and look you straight in the eye and tell you, from the bottom of my soul, that things would work out. I wanted to share with you that I had been there. I was that 18 year old, thinking I wasn’t strong enough to make something of myself. I was that 18 year old that was mad at the world, mad at my circumstances and terrified of being alone.

I didn’t stop. I didn’t stop because I didn’t know if stopping and telling you that would help you or if it would make you feel uncomfortable. I wanted to. I wanted to stop and put a big band-aid on your world and make it better, but I’m not a miracle worker. I am simply someone who for a moment caught a glimpse of herself in you and who cared.

We exchanged a smile and I can only hope that within that single solitary moment you got my message. To the girl on the sidewalk, I am sorry I didn’t stop. Next time I will. Be safe,

Love D.