I watched the video I’m sharing below today and it literally brought me to tears. I wasn’t crying because I felt sorry for her. I wasn’t crying in empathy for her situation.

I cried because I was so overcome with raw emotion knowing that that young lady was going to live every ounce of her dream before her legs don’t respond to her needs any more.

I cried because I know without a doubt that when she can run no more, she will move on to do equally great things in other ways.

I cried because for someone so young, she embodies everything that I am trying to embrace in my life. Determination in her physical pursuits, strength in her spirit and soul, modesty in her accomplishments, awareness of her body and what it’s capable of and fearlessness in her dreams and ambitions.

I feel that same drive, ambition and yearning inside of me. I need to do more, live more, experience more and be more. I want to share, teach, encourage and inspire.

I cried for joy because I am truly grateful for this life I am living and the limitless possibilities that it holds.

Watch and then ask yourself “How can I be fearless today?”

Love D.