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Following My Gut

I am not a doctor…

Wait, hold the presses – what? I know that’s what you’re all thinking (LOL). I am going somewhere with this bold statement, I promise.

Someone wondered aloud not too long ago how I could be so “on” with my food all the time. Well, first of all I’m not. I have my moments of cravings and enjoyment just like everyone else. Second, why wouldn’t I want to be on with my food if it makes me feel good? Feeling good makes you want to do it again, right?
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The Gift of the Journey

One purpose behind starting this blog was to #walkthetalk and start to use what I experience to inspire people to start their own journeys of physical health and emotional wellness. Another more personal reason is that it reminds me about my goal which is to be authentic, transparent in my actions and to try to show up every day as the best me possible.

For those of you who are unaware of my family makeup, I am a single mother with a 12-year-old son (Brody), a 19-year-old daughter (Erin) and a 19 (almost 20-year-old) step-son (Logan). I am also, any minute or hour now about to be a grandmother to a granddaughter (Harley). At this point you can insert comments of “Wow, she looks too young to be a grandmother!” and I’ll gladly accept them (LOL). The reality is, I was only 19 myself when I had Erin and now she is about to embark on the most amazing journey of her life.
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Love Yourself Enough

There is not much that gets my blood boiling more than the posts going around Facebook depicting a larger woman with a fit male standing next to her and the caption under it describing how he was “about to leave her when she decided to lose weight and now he’s SHOCKED!!” What an emotionally damaging crock… pardon me.

Please, please for the love of everything healthy in this life do NOT fall for this line of doo-doo.
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Choices and a Breakthrough

Each and every day I choose to show up to that day trying to be the best me possible. That can look different all the time depending on the situation at hand.

Yesterday it snowed in Victoria (insert jokes here now about one flake falling and people running from their houses screaming LOL). I was supposed to go to Adventure Challenge Training at #VictoriaBootcamp but when I stepped out of the house all bundled up, ready to ride my bike, my feet just about flew out from under me on the sidewalk that was a sheer skating rink.
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Find Your Positive Place

I don’t know about the majority of people out there but how I feel when I walk into a place, how my time unfolds while there and how I feel when I walk out the door all greatly influence if I will return.

I have noticed, since trying to become more aware of my surroundings, that the more positive energy I can pick up on in a location or during an encounter with another person the more likely I am to want to interact with that person or that environment again.
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I watched the video I’m sharing below today and it literally brought me to tears. I wasn’t crying because I felt sorry for her. I wasn’t crying in empathy for her situation.

I cried because I was so overcome with raw emotion knowing that that young lady was going to live every ounce of her dream before her legs don’t respond to her needs any more.
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Crushing Your Limits

I have no words. Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true but emotionally over the last few days that is exactly how I feel. This is what has taken me so long to put together this post.

There are no words to describe the feeling of crushing your fears and at the same time crushing preconceived limits. There are no words to describe going through 8 weeks of physical and mental exhaustion with such incredible, amazing and supportive people. There are no words to describe how much my heart is swelling due to the outpouring of love, encouragement and faith people have shown me in person and through here. There are no words to describe how incredibly grateful, blessed and in awe I am of this entire life event. There are no words to describe the respect I have for my new found friends, my fellow Fight 4 The Cause – Charity Boxing Classic contenders, my sponsor, my walkout team, my amazing family which is ever expanding and my son and stepson who were there by my side for this. I have no words…
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