Love Yourself Enough

There is not much that gets my blood boiling more than the posts going around Facebook depicting a larger woman with a fit male standing next to her and the caption under it describing how he was “about to leave her when she decided to lose weight and now he’s SHOCKED!!” What an emotionally damaging crock… pardon me.

Please, please for the love of everything healthy in this life do NOT fall for this line of doo-doo.

First, do not lose weight for anyone or anything but you and your personal health and quality of life. I will tell you right now that if you do make changes to please someone else or to get ready for an event, those changes are rarely, if ever, going to be forever. In order to be truly healthy you need to learn the tools that go along with long term, sustainable life practices and wellness.

You are worth so much more than buying into this and if someone is willing to leave you because you don’t fit their ideal image of perfection then THEY don’t deserve YOU to begin with.

These photos/stories are often linked to diet pills or unrealistic diet plans of some kind. I will be %100 brutally honest with you. THERE IS NO PILL, SECRET FORMULA or MAGIC!! Hard work, sweat equity, listening to your body and nourishing it with good wholesome food is what will work… long term.

However, above that even, LOVE YOURSELF! Love yourself enough to get up off the couch and move, to eat food that fills your heart, soul and body. Love yourself enough to get the counseling that you need or to end the relationship/s that are toxic to your being. Love yourself enough to invest in yourself and you WILL reap the rewards.

Love D.