The Gift of the Journey

One purpose behind starting this blog was to #walkthetalk and start to use what I experience to inspire people to start their own journeys of physical health and emotional wellness. Another more personal reason is that it reminds me about my goal which is to be authentic, transparent in my actions and to try to show up every day as the best me possible.

For those of you who are unaware of my family makeup, I am a single mother with a 12-year-old son (Brody), a 19-year-old daughter (Erin) and a 19 (almost 20-year-old) step-son (Logan). I am also, any minute or hour now about to be a grandmother to a granddaughter (Harley). At this point you can insert comments of “Wow, she looks too young to be a grandmother!” and I’ll gladly accept them (LOL). The reality is, I was only 19 myself when I had Erin and now she is about to embark on the most amazing journey of her life.

My daughter is about to hold in her arms the most amazing person she’s ever met. This wrinkly, crying little bundle of miracle will arrive and nothing will ever feel the same for her. Her heart will grow about 10 times at that moment and she will understand that love truly knows no limits. I know this because I have felt it, not only as a mother to Erin and Brody, but as a “Debbie” to my step-son Logan. The first time I held him I was 6 months pregnant with Erin and just a family friend. His mother Teresa gave me a gift when she allowed me to be part of his life.

Erin, being my first born, was my introduction to the world of diapering 101, midnight breast feeding, changing clothes 10 times to due spit up, teething, coffee table bruises when the furniture surfing started, first words, first boo-boos….first of so much. I would never in a million years change a thing. Her and her brother’s entrances into my life only bettered it in so many ways.

Life has not been easy for my daughter. She has faced so many challenges and seriously inspires me as she has managed to stay standing through them all. I look forward to seeing her grow as a mother and enjoy her own journey with her first born.

I look forward to this next chapter in my life. I am going to be that cool, tattooed and pierced grandma that might someday race her grandchild up a mountain. I am going to be able to tell my granddaughter that I was in a boxing match the year she was born (that was pointed out to me yesterday). I will hopefully have some wisdom and knowledge to pass along to her as she grows into this human being with limitless potential.

Life is such a gift no matter what shape it takes, what direction you go in or what challenges you might face. Hold onto that thought and live and love to your fullest ability.

Love D.