Following My Gut

I am not a doctor…

Wait, hold the presses – what? I know that’s what you’re all thinking (LOL). I am going somewhere with this bold statement, I promise.

Someone wondered aloud not too long ago how I could be so “on” with my food all the time. Well, first of all I’m not. I have my moments of cravings and enjoyment just like everyone else. Second, why wouldn’t I want to be on with my food if it makes me feel good? Feeling good makes you want to do it again, right?

(Reader forewarning: I will be mentioning some not so pleasant things here) So many of us ignore or dismiss signs that our bodies are putting out to tell us to STOP!! For so many years (yes, years) I ignored symptoms like headaches, burping, flatulence, adult acne, hair loss, weight gain, funky menstruation timing, aches, pains, blurred vision and when it was really, really bad airway obstruction when I slept, pre-diabetic condition and balance disturbances.

When I changed the way I ate, it wasn’t overnight and it wasn’t because of a fad or diet (Pssssst… those don’t work and aren’t sustainable long term). I followed my gut, pardon the pun.

First I started to eat smaller meals more often. I didn’t buy anymore into the 3 square meals a day way of living. If you think of your body as a car and you go too long between fueling up, you’re going to tank (I know I need to work on the humour). Eating 3 times a day was very farm culture driven. It didn’t make sent to go out to the field only to have to return numerous times to eat. Come back once a day for a large meal and you head back out to work it all off. We are not farmers.

I still haven’t forgotten what I said at the beginning. I’ll get to that soon.

I then started drinking more water and eliminated pop and juice. I honestly don’t miss either and often feel worse after ingesting them. Before long I decided it was time to take a look at the biggest culprit in my life – wheat. No, I didn’t read books on the subject or watch informational videos. I just want with my instincts and listened to my body. I that something was not working right yet and I needed to change it. So I made the decision to try going gluten free.

At first I noticed less stomach bloating and letting wind, then less headaches and vision issues, then (insert horns and trumpets here) weight loss!!

Over the last 3 years I have followed some eating plans for special events but overall I have remained as gluten free as possible, tried cutting out most dairy and I eat as clean as I can as often as I can. How do I feel? Simply put fantastic, energized, loved, whole and positive. Why would I do something to my body that changes that?

So, to address my first revelation, I am not a doctor but I have my own theory. I believe that when we are feeling negative, depressed or sad and we comfort ourselves with foods that aren’t the best for us our bodies take that food and turn it into a bitchy hormonal army that attacks our systems, whereas if we comfort ourselves with good, wholesome foods our personal army of immunity and positivity is fortified.

Case in point, I was feeling emotionally, spiritually and physically drained yesterday. My first instinct was to eat pizza and chocolate (mmm… chocolate), however I stopped and asked myself what I really needed. I needed to love my body, to soothe my angst and to find some energy to get through my day. So I purchase some healthy, whole food from a local café called Bliss ( and even indulged in a little Bliss Kiss which is a raw chocolate truffle. After giving my body this gift I felt great and the rest of my day was so much more balanced.

Again, not a doctor but I say the proof… is in the GUT!

Love D.