Choices and a Breakthrough

Each and every day I choose to show up to that day trying to be the best me possible. That can look different all the time depending on the situation at hand.

Yesterday it snowed in Victoria (insert jokes here now about one flake falling and people running from their houses screaming LOL). I was supposed to go to Adventure Challenge Training at #VictoriaBootcamp but when I stepped out of the house all bundled up, ready to ride my bike, my feet just about flew out from under me on the sidewalk that was a sheer skating rink.

For those of you who know me personally, you are aware that I have a paralyzing fear of slipping on ice. This is because of an accident I had in Calgary several years back. My foot ended up backwards on my leg due to slipping on ice. I realized at that moment that life as you know it can change in an instant. Fast forward to yesterday and you can imagine that my heart almost stopped.

I came in the house and my first thought was “Great, now I’m hooped. I can’t get my workout in.” Ummmm…no. My next thought was “Whoa, wait a minute. What kind of defeatist crap is that?” My next feeling was this fire in my belly and my heart. I knew I had to find a way to face my fear and to get in the movement that my body has been itching to experience.

I made a choice. I chose in that very moment to either stay at home and give up or to look at my situation and make what I could of it. Out came the ICERS for the bottom of my shoes. For those of you who are unaware of what those are, they resemble TEVA sandals and are used by roofers so they don’t slip while working. They have screws in the bottom to grip and they are at best awkward. I didn’t care. I was angry at myself for thinking that it wasn’t possible and angry at my fear for taking control of my life in any way shape or form. I strapped those puppies to my feet and off I went.

I ended up running 8k yesterday. It wasn’t fast and was not pretty at all but damn it felt good. I made a choice to take control of my fear instead of letting my fear take control of me. Anyone can do this. It means asking yourself the hard questions. Ask yourself if the choice you’re making will bring you positive or if it will allow the negative to creep in, will it bring you results or make your results harder to achieve.

Love D.