Down the Drain and Up Again

As I stood breathlessly waiting for the results of my plumbing efforts with my bathroom sink last night I realized how at times life is very much like a clogged drain.

You have those moments where it feels like you’re wading through nothing but grime and dirt and that your life is not flowing the way it should. You don’t know exactly what’s wrong but you know it doesn’t feel right.

Maybe it’s that your exercise regime or nutrition have fallen by the wayside. Perhaps it’s the stress from a family or work situation or it might be a personal injury, illness or loss of a loved one.

It’s these times that you need to look at the tools in your life that you can use to become ‘unstuck’.

Do you have access to a nutritionist, personal trainer or boot camp instructor? Trainers will often supply workout and food plans without even requiring you to attend a class if you’re not comfortable with that idea yet.

Are you able to find counselling? Many employers provide benefit plans that might include a number of sessions with a counsellor and if not many counsellors will provide services on a sliding scale. Sometimes the best release in a stressful situation is being able to talk to someone who is NOT emotionally invested in your issues. I know I personally enjoy the time spent talking to my counsellor and I often leave her office with a sense of renewed purpose and clarification of the actions I should take.

Are you investing time and energy in yourself physically, mentally, emotionally and medically? Are you giving yourself TLC and allowing yourself to grieve, celebrate, cry, love, heal and simply be human?

Once you find these tools either by researching options or asking friends or family for help and you start applying them you’ll notice how things around you start to shift. The clogs that are built up of crud and left over remnants that have been holding you back become loose and before you know it break free. Once again that positive energy that we crave and that sustains us is able to make its way into your life uninhibited.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing I hope you’re able to unclog the things that you feel are holding you back!

Love D.

*Side Note: My efforts paid off and my sink is running clear once more!


Photo Credit: Armando Tura