Living Like I’m Dying

Before any assumptions are made that title does not reflect an inner desire for me to unleash my dark, mysterious and brooding 16-year-old past self. 

What that title does carry within it is the message to make every moment count. In the spirit of being brutally honest we are all living, existing and moving towards one common end result and that is death. Unfortunately it is also the one thing that nobody can predict and where we are unable at times to control, understand or even accept the circumstances of it.

I don’t know when or how mine will end but I do know that what matters to me is how I live in the here and the now. It is my personal goal to soak up and experience as much life as possible in every day, hour, minute and breath that I have given to me. I want to BE that person that I want to be remembered as someday.

With the loss I’ve experienced personally and the loss I know people I care about are going through this is a difficult subject to speak to. That being said it is one of two things that truly binds every human on this planet. We all experience the beginnings and the ends of ourselves.

It is because of this inevitable outcome that we all need to grab those opportunities to wrap up in the joy, happiness and love from others and to find it within ourselves.

That television episode? That can wait but the friend you’ve been meaning to call and catch up with for a month can’t.

The video game you got for Christmas? Chances are that will be there tomorrow to play again but you  will never re-live that exact moment with your parent or child laughing, talking, listening and just being.

Sweeping the floors? That will be waiting for you later but will running in your first race, climbing a mountain or simply taking a walk be a sure thing a month from now? Maybe not.

Don’t let your chances to really live life pass you by. Accept each other, be kind, generous and tolerant. Remember to be gentle and nurturing to yourselves as well.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing I hope that you’re living like YOU want to be remembered.

Love D.


“Love Generously, Care Deeply, Speak Kindly” My favorite stairs in Victoria.