The Great Hair Vortex

Have you ever had one of those days where you see yourself in a store window or a car mirror and catch yourself thinking “Man, I am having a GREAT hair day!!”.

What follows after that is a raise at work, the house being clean when you get home, dinner being ready, you get foot rubs and you find out that all 6 of your numbers match the ones drawn on 6/49?

I know that example is probably pushing the limits of reality however I know we’ve all had days where this invisible vortex of positive energy seems to spring up everywhere and that it’s not really about the hair.

Not too long ago I went to a Maroon 5 concert with my son where one thing after another led to him being 2 feet away from his (current) favorite performing artist. The tidal wave of events that carried us to that moment started with my first thoughts that morning.

I woke up feeling a little overwhelmed with plans to catch the ferry, having to arrive on time for check-in at our hotel, packing and unpacking and making sure that the geographically challenged person in me didn’t get myself or my son lost along the way.

Instead of allowing that to dictate how my day was going to go I decided it was going to be fantastic NO MATTER WHAT. It was planted firmly in my mind and in my heart that nothing could get me down.

That vortex I mentioned earlier? It wrapped us both up in moments that we will never forget and ran away with our day completely.

It started with being late for the ferry getting off the island but one of the first off on the other side, challenging each other to awful video games and laughing hysterically, driving to the hotel without getting lost (thanks to my BPS or Brody Positioning System), taking public transit to the arena successfully, catching a glimpse of my hair in the SkyTrain window and liking it, waiting to get to our floor seats, making friends with the woman sitting in front of us while waiting for the concert to begin, the security guard allowing Brody up to the fence between the floor and the pit, another security guard letting Brody into the pit on the other side of the fence after the woman who had been sitting in front of us requested it and people on that side allowing Brody right in front of the stage ~ all while his mother wept with gratefulness.

The feeling around those moments were electric. My point in telling you this? If I had woken that morning and chosen to stress over every little detail, if I had allowed my feeling of being overwhelmed to dictate how my day was to go it could have been a very different end result.

Instead I CHOSE to have a good hair day. I decided that I would get out of bed, dance to the music, allow sunshine into my day even if outside there was none and things would turn out exactly how they were meant to be.

I know that difficult or bad things will happen. It is the balance of life and it is unavoidable however it is how we decide to face these things that will dictate how our day, week, month or life goes.

It is the courage that we show in the face of adversity, it is the compassion we show when someone is in need, it is the support we lend to the person beside us and it is the joy we bring into the lives of those we love and care for that will define us in the end.

Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing I hope you’re making those moments count that you’re immersing yourself in the laughter, the joy, the love and the positive vortex. That you are allowing yourself to catch your reflection and think to yourself “I AM having a GREAT hair day!”

Love D.


Photo Credit: Armando Tura